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NOTE We strongly advise using documents specific to the state in which one resides. DURABLE GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY NEW YORK STATUTORY SHORT FORM THE POWERS YOU GRANT BELOW CONTINUE TO BE EFFECTIVE SHOULD YOU BECOME DISABLED OR INCOMPETENT Caution This is an important document. AUTHORITY WILL BE GRANTED for matters that are included in that subdivision. Alternatively the letter corresponding to each power you wish to grant may be written or typed on the blank line in subdivision Q and you...
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These powers may include the power to take any action that the law, court, or competent authority could permit. These powers come into effect when the person (your Age) is no longer your dependent; and, Your Age must notify the power ship of your death, incapacity or abandonment, and the powers will cease. The powers may not be revoked by you. Your Age may provide that these powers may be exercised by any person, with your consent, or that the person (your Age) is to exercise or revoke these powers pursuant to a prior written or oral power agreement, which must have been in force as of the person's death. These powers could also include the power to take your property and distribute it as you would wish. Your Age must inform you, at or before the time of any transfer of property, whether the transfer of the property was complete and the person (your Age) became your dependent. Your Age shall also notify you if the person (your Age) is to be a resident alien (as defined in section 473 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.) If it is reasonably clear that such person would incur the cost of living in this state on a permanent basis even though not a resident, or that he or she does not intend to reside permanently in the state, any person, not specifically prohibited from doing so, may acquire, own, or lease real property for this purpose without the benefit, and without notice, to you. These powers may include powers relating to matters such as land titles, liens, mortgages, and other legal arrangements with respect to real property. These powers come into effect upon the person's death or incapacity, or upon or after such other condition occurs and before your death. As provided in s. 40.35 (1), any of these powers could be exercised upon your death at any time, but only with your prior consent. YOUR AGREEMENT THAT YOU WILL NOT BE INTERESTED IN THE USE OF THESE POWERS APPLIES TO ANY PERSON TO BE ACTING UNDER THE AGREEMENT, AND YOUR AGREEMENT WILL BE REVISED AT THE BEGINNING OF ANY TRANSACTION TO BE TRANSFERRED TO OR TRANSFERRED FROM BY SUCH PERSON.

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Okay we're going to fill out a durable unlimited power of attorney form from power of attorney form calm now to get started this is the first page, and you don't really do anything obviously right here this just tells you and whoever is going to be you're going to be showing this agreement to exactly what it is and this has all the legal jargon statements that all the states require so that you're protected so to get started with in the first blank that we have and as you know all our forms all the fields are highlighted, so it's very easy fill in the blanks form so name of the person that's granting power or what otherwise known as the principal will use the name Johnny Appleseed, and it's just very easy all you got to do is type in the street address, so we'll just make up a street address 1 2 3 apple away the city Johnny Appleseed lives in let's say apple Villa and the state will use Kansas now below that this is the name of the person grant granted power the person that Johnny Appleseed is trusting with everything that he probably owns all his decision-making that he could ever have and so this is we're just going to say he's going to be transferring it to a made up wife that will call Anna Appleseed who is hopefully at the same address Apple Villa Kansas yeah we just scroll down and again more legal jargon and the successor attorney in fact which is optional in every state is someone who just in case uh Anna unable to make it for example let's say that Johnny Appleseed gets in the hospital and Anna's his wife is also very old and cannot really make the required decisions for Johnny than this would be someone that you know could be the son or a brother that is just a backup attorney in fact we're not going to fill it out now but if you so want to have a backup or a successor attorney in fact you just fill out these same four blanks that just asked for the name street address city and state so scrolling down and again more legal jargon and this just basically acknowledges that Johnny is of sound mind, and he knows exactly ways getting into understands he's signing his life away of all his power to Anna say seventh day of January and this would be his signature some people do the electronic signature I always say that you print it out and do the signature yourself is the best and here's the witness and what this is some states require either two witnesses or a notary to sign and some states have just a notary some states just have two witnesses you just never know, so we're not going to fill this out now, but it's just very easy print the name of the first witness have them sign or her sign same thing with the second witness print name have signed you don't need to type in their address or anything like that scrolling down we're going to find the notary acknowledgement which is if your state requires you that you need a notary to sign and a notary is very easy to find you can find them at any bank branch on and if you have an account with the...


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